ONE BLOCK - Jon Luvelli

10 x 10 Hardcover | Pages 96
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“‘One Block’ gives us an unflinching view of intimacy. The intimacy of the relationship between the photographer and this small slice of Midwestern America. The publication is a culmination of three years worth of shooting just one block of Ninth Street in the Missouri city of Columbia. 

Straddling the line between art and street photographer is tricky business, as the balance can be tilted too heavily towards the artistic. The street feel fades and any raw edges get smoothed out. Luvelli, thankfully, straddles the line deftly and walks the line like a high-wire act. And to my delight, he does it in glorious monochrome, harnessing its stark and stately power with detail. His use of it gives a nod to a nostalgic feel, but it’s anything but a throwback.” 

                                                       – Andrew Sweigart, Editor @ StreetHunters